Blumea Oil

Blumea Essential Oil 

Blumea balsamifera is wellknown in South of China. It is only distribute in the very rare humid subtropical areas in Guizhou of China,where is the largest Blumea growing area in China. It’s found from level ground to montane slope and from sea level to 1500m altitude, and the most superior L-borneolum alled Guizhou Meipian. The Blumea Balsamifera Extract produced by us is completely organic and without any artificial additives. – See more .

 rosemary oil

Rosemary Essential Oil

There are more than two dozens of antioxidants presented in rosemary essential oil. Most antioxidants get deactivated after neutralizing a free radical. The antioxidants of rosemary are really unique and can neutralize multiple number of free radicals. Thus their lifespan is much longer. Some of the key health benefits have been listed below: – See more.

 valerian root essential oil

Valerian Root Essential Oil

Valeriana officinalis are widely distributed throughout the temperate zones. Both the root and the rhizome are highly prized for their healing properties. The root of valeriana officinalis is well known for its sedative qualities and its ability to relax the central nervous system and the smooth muscle groups. It has been used as a sleeping aid for hundreds of years especially when there is excitation or difficulty in falling asleep due to nervousness. – See more.

 Zingiber Corallinum Hance Oil

Zingiber Corallinum Hance Oil

Zingiber corallinum Hance oil (ZCHO) belongs to a group of natural oils, organic oils and fragrance oils that have proven health benefits. ZCHO, commonly known as essential oil of coral ginger, is extracted from the roots of coral ginger plants, is  known as a spice and as an aromatherapy oil. But as a healing oil and antifungal oil, ZCHO has important biological uses that promote health and fight infection.  – See more.